ministries of

spiritual formation

Guide me in your truth and teach me,  for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.  Psalm 25:5 NIV

Our Spiritual Formation Ministries focus on providing opportunities for people of all ages and interests to grow and deepen in their spiritual journey.

Christian Education & Bible Study

At Foothills UMC we feel that having Adult Christian Education available is important so that one’s spiritual journey has outlets for continuing the learning and sharing process. These opportunities offer adults a place to take all they know and understand about the Bible and the type of life Jesus led, and look deeper – a time to ask questions of how and why events happened, and how those events affected the people whose lives they touched. A time for those who don’t have understanding to search for it among a loving group living through the words of scripture who are finding connections between Biblical events and people with how the world is now. See the Calendar for current opportunities.

Worship Committee

This committee works closely with the Pastor to design and plan meaningful weekly worship experiences as well as special, seasonal services. Provides a great way to nurture your creativity and spirit while helping do the same for others.

Children, Family, Youth Ministry Team

This ministry team works with appropriate staff to help create a spiritual community at Foothills that feels like home for families and young people.

Tuesday Evening Book Club

Love to read? This women's group selects a variety of books with different themes, time periods, and settings; then relates the stories to one’s spiritual life. The group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM in participants’ homes for dessert and fellowship.

Joyful Living and Giving

Meets six Saturdays a year and is focused on spreading joy in our community by giving to others. Format usually includes a speaker and a ministry opportunity. 

sunday morning adult studies

Adult studies are offered on Sunday mornings. These classes cover a broad selection of topics, often cross-referencing different faiths and religions from around the world. The classes sometimes use CD’s and DVD’s to bring in viewpoints and information from others outside our community.  

Sunday mornings 10:45am in Room 5.

The group emphasizes discussion and invites opinions. Join anytime!

For more details please contact Ron S. Childcare is provided, if requested. Contact Katie.

wednesday evening Bible STudy

The Wednesday Evening Bible Study is offered year-round with occasional breaks. This class is taught in the community as a way to offer God’s love; a way to know him through an inviting opportunity for the unchurched to find Him outside of church. All are welcome. Class is held at 7 PM and offers free coffee and dessert.

This Bible Study works its way through the books of the Bible week by week. Sometimes a certain book is focused on at length, other times only certain passages are looked into. A great introduction to the Bible for the unchurched and a wonderful way to delve further into scripture for the person who knows the bible well.

Contact Mildred L. for more information.