Staff and LEaders

Jesus said to them, "Follow me and I will make you fish for people." And immediately they left their nets and followed him. - Mark 1:17

Foothills is blessed with a committed Christian staff and leaders who work diligently to advance our ministry together, and are eager to serve your needs.

The Church Council


  • Ricky Del Mar
  • Kathy O'Dell
  • Heather Linsley


Kathy O'Dell - Administrative Team Chair

Jeanne Pfeifer - Staff Parish Relations

Kathleen Wells - Worship

Don Lee - Trustees

Nancy Cramer - Membership Secretary

Howard Wolf - United Methodist Men 

Kathy O'Dell - United Women in Faith


Nancy Cramer - Financial Secretary

Gail Peterson - Treasurer

Ricky Del Mar - Finance and Stewardship

Candace Arendt and Paul Freeman - Memorials/Endowments

Fred Arth and Jeanne Pfeifer - New Building Committee


Open hearts - open minds - open doors

The leadership of a United Methodist Church is like a board of elders that work closely with the pastors and staff in program and administrative leadership. The lay leader works with the pastor and lead the congregation to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation, and strengthen mission, vision, and ministries that build discipleship.  They are also part of the Church Council's program and administration leadership committee to set goals, ensure finances are an open-book as a non-profit organization should be, and match giving with program objectives. All laity program leaders are elected by the church and produce annual reports for accountability. Join us on Sunday.  See our leaders in action.