Staff and LEaders

Foothills is blessed with a committed Christian staff and leaders who work diligently to advance our ministry together, and are eager to serve your needs.

  • Linda Burson - Pastor

  • Joyce Hoagland - Office Administrator

  • Katie Curtin - Children, Family, and Youth

  • Paul Hoagland - Choir Director

  • Amy Van den Boom - Music Director

  • Susan Wolf - Bookkeeper

  •   Ambra Curtin  - Nursery Attendent

    Ambra Curtin - Nursery Attendant


  • Lisa Deklinski - Office Assistant


The Church Council


  • Ricky Del Mar
  • Kathy O'Dell
  • Heather Linsley
  • Jan Davis
  • Isabella Roth


  • Jill Engelmann - Council Chair
  • Tonja McCarthy - Worship
  • Paul Hoagland - United Methodist Men 
  • Kathy O'Dell - United Women in Faith
  • Katie Curtin - Children/Family/Youth Ministries
  • All 5 Lay Leaders listed above and to the left


  • Howard Wolf - Trustees
  • Ricky Del Mar - Staff Parish Relations
  • Linda Burson and Heather Linsley - Leadership and Nominations
  • Bob Schlegel - Finance and Stewardship
  • Nancy Cramer - Financial Secretary
  • Gail Peterson - Treasurer
  • Nancy Cramer - Membership
  • Candace Arendt and Paul Freeman - Endowments
  • Ted Larson - Communications
  • Lynn Zigmant - Delegate to Annual Conference


Open hearts - open minds - open doors

The leadership of a United Methodist Church is like a board of elders that works closely with the pastors and staff in program and administrative leadership. The lay leader works with the pastor and the congregation to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation, and strengthen mission, vision, and ministries that build discipleship.  They are also part of the Church Council's program and administration leadership committee working to set goals, ensure finances are an open-book as a non-profit organization should be, and match giving with program objectives. All laity program leaders are elected by the church and produce annual reports for accountability. Join us on Sunday.  See our leaders in action.


Church Council: This govering committee is comprised of the Chairperson of each Committee and other church leaders. At the regularly scheduled meetings, the Council hears reports from the church staff and each of the active Committees.

Lay Leaders: Lay leadership identify, develop, organize, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership of the congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church. They serve in worship with the pastor.

Worship: The Committee is comprised of willing workers who are committed and dedicated to providing a meaningful worship experience by overseeing the worship services throughout the church year; organizing the various choirs, praise teams, and hand bells; purchasing and scheduling of music; maintaining the piano and organ; seeking guest musicians and presenters for the services; providing palms, candles, communion elements, Bibles and hymnals for the pews, and coordinates the anniversary dinner. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring proper licensing and approvals are in place for streaming and/or recording music, scripture, etc.

Children & Youth: Our leader structures programs to equip and empower our young people to be grow in their faith, understand love as the basis of the Christian life, and provide leadership opportunities within our ministry.

Trustees: The Trustees is responsible for taking care of the church grounds, buildings, and parsonage. The Committee's goal is to provide a safe and comfortable house of worship and to keep the church property in good repair. The Committee is responsible for routine repair and maintenance as well as any required capital projects (i.e., heating and electrical systems, roof, etc.). They also organize the Church Work Days.

Finance: The primary responsibility of the Committee is to enable and support the ministries of FUMC. The Committee evaluates the financial needs of the congregation with the preparation of the annual budget, reviews and advises Church Council on giving patterns and the financial health of FUMC, reviews and advises on the use of special gifts and memorials, supervises an audit of all financial records and procedures, and monitors invested funds. Another responsibility of the Committee is to promote good stewardship by leading the congregation to higher levels of proportionate giving as God has given us all that we have, let us give back to God first, as he commands us to do. Let our gifts enable our congregation to do God's work.

SPRC: Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is the administrative unit where staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church. SPRC confers with the congregation and the staff/pastor about ministry direction, assesses the ministry of the congregation and the staff/pastor, supports continuing education for all staff, identifies and supports individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry, makes recommendations regarding compensation, travel, benefits and housing to the church council, and recommends needed staff positions and develops written job descriptions and titles for associate pastors and staff.

Membership: Although the Committee is unique in its function, it also works to increase Discipleship of church members through evangelism, study, and Fellowship, bringing together the members of the congregation and community into one body to share and live out the Gospel. Membership’s focus is to also audit the membership and manage visitation.

Communications:  Provides leadership in social media, web sites, AV, photography, marketing, and technology:  The purpose of the Committee is to be the responsible body for the timely internal and external communications about our church's programs, services, people, events, activities, outreach, and missions. This would encompass the faithful and spiritual implementation of all our church's marketing, public relations, and providing advertising information to committees for their individual needs.