Foothills United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Growing in grace.... Serving with love.

Sundays, 10:30 AM

This hour is full of opportunities for us to gather and spend time together as members of the Foothills UMC family, regardless of which worship gathering we might choose to attend in any given week. There are opportunities for intergenerational fun, fellowship, service, and spiritual formation.

Kids Garden Bridge
Kids love playing in the garden next to the playground. For reasons of fun and safety we will build a small, wooden garden bridge in this area. This project will offer short, kid friendly building tasks every Sunday for several weeks. Kids will partner with adults and work jointly each Sunday.

"Stained Glass" Inspired Art
The stained glass windows are a beautiful feature of our church. Help us bring a small touch of this inspiring art to the Education Building. Join us in room #3 as we use tissue paper and other easy materials to create "stained glass" type designs. Kids and adults will work side by side creating art that will add a meaningful touch of color to the Education Building, to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Forgiveness, Finding Peace Through Letting Go—Small Group Study for Adults.  Offered July 24 - August 14

DVD lecture series by Adam Hamilton, facilitated by JB and Susan Neethling in room #7.

  1. The Divine Answer – Reflect on God’s forgiveness and what it means for us.
  2. For Better, for Worse – Consider forgiveness in marriage and other close relationships
  3. Seventy Times Seven – Consider forgiveness in relationships with those outside our families
  4. The Dreamcoat – Develop skills in dealing with stones and walls constructed within our families.

You may purchase the book at or, but is not required for participation.

Great Figures of the New Testament—Small Group Study for Adults.

This DVD lecture series, facilitated by Ron Sachs, will meet in room #8 of the education building. Come learn more about New Testament figures in light of the historical/cultural realities of their day and age.  more info and schedule of topics 

Signing up ahead of time at the Get Connected table can be useful for planning purposes, but it is not a requirement for participation.

Deepen your connection to the Foothills UMC Family
by taking advantage of these opportunities to serve, learn, and grow together!