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Building Blog

Check here for updates on our new Building Project.  These artciles have also appeared in the monthly FUMC newsletters, Foothills Family Times.
… no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor. 2:9 NVT
Building Blog

November 1, 2014

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We have a threshold point of $250,000 needed on pledges received before loan agencies will help us develop a financing plan to present to a Church Charge Conference.  As of September 30, 2014, we have received $189,539.  This amount is ahead of schedule for 1+ years of pledges (an average of $100,000 for five years beginning in July, 2013) and means we are 76% of the way there! 
If you have not made a pledge and would like to, there are pledge forms at the Get Connected table at church or you can have one sent to you. Just email the office at or call 530.677.4910. If you would like to make an “early” pledge payment, please feel free to do so!   If you’d like to make a one-time contribution without pledging, you can do so by indicating “New Building” or “Building Our Legacy” on your check.
Other ways to help:  Saturday, November 8 is a church clean-up day.  We will be moving the volleyball court and fenced garden to be out of the new building footprint.  Come and help us.  If you cannot help that day, get in touch with Fred Arth for ideas that you can complete on your own schedule. 

May 1, 2014

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What’s Happening With the New Building?
We have had questions on the building and the capital campaign, so it is time for an update. The capital campaign ran last year in the spring that resulted in $465,000 in pledges. The official fund beginning was July 1, 2013, continuing for 5 years. This averages a little under $100,000 per year. The good news is that we have a total of $175,000 in pledges in Foundation savings and local savings. We are “ahead of schedule” in pledges paid.
In addition to the funds listed above, we have spent money for architectural plans, site plan as well as structural engineering plans. This information was necessary to get detailed and reliable estimate of costs for the building. A contractor has estimated that the building will cost in today’s terms, between $1.2 to 1.6 million (the higher amount is allowing a cushion for an unforeseen costs, or situations).
A next step is to develop a financial plan to present to a Church Charge Conference.   The financial organizations that we have contacted have said that any discussion of loans would depend on 20-25% cash-on-hand. Thus we need to continue to collect pledges until we meet that goal. We are better than half way toward that goal. Any “early” pledges gratefully received!
If you would like to support this endeavor or have questions, please talk to Fred A., Jeanne P., or Pastor Mike. 

October 2013

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Look for some stepping stones and footprints on the left entrance wall moving around the corner toward the kitchen.  These stepping stones represent each step necessary to develop a tight figure for building a fellowship hall.  As the footprints appear on the stepping stone, you know that that step has been completed.  We are expecting to have a Charge Conference early in 2014 to consider a building plan.


September 2013

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Our goal is to have a Church Charge Conference in November to present an accurate picture of the cost of a new building as well as financing possibilities.   There have been a number of “behind the scene” events that have taken place and several other events to occur in the next few months in preparation for the Church Charge Conference.
In June, a structural engineer developed a preliminary schematic plan for foundation and roof. In early July, you my have seen markings around the church yard as well as some airplane flyovers. The information was used to produce a boundary survey and topographic survey. This information is being used to develop an engineer’s site plan (Aug to early Sept). These data can then be submitted to several estimating contractors to obtain a detailed estimate of construction cost (Sept). Once we have these estimates, we will meet with the District Committee of Church Location and Building for advice and approval (Oct). We will then be able to present all of these findings, as well as financing options and recommendations, to a Church Charge Conference (Nov).
There is a preliminary project schedule posted near the site plans in the hallway leading to the kitchen as well as under “New Building Project.”
Please feel free to ask questions of any of the building committee members.
Fred A., Building Committee Chair

June 2013

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You are all so awesome! As of the date of this writing, $453,000 has been raised in donations and pledges! Of that $453,000, $104,000 in cash is already in the bank. Thanks be to God! Fifty eight families made these donations and pledges representing about one third of our congregation. We anticipate more pledges to still come in, thereby enabling us to reach our goal of $500,000. 
Thanks to the many people who helped in this campaign! A total of sixty one adults participated either in leadership or behind the scenes, while approximately fifty children and youth were busy making aprons to sell. And, a special thanks to Jeanne Pfeifer who took reins on this campaign and kept us all on task. Like I said above, you are all so awesome!
The first members of this church took a leap of faith. They had to acquire land and build a building! We already have our land and two buildings already paid for. We can add a fellowship hall to increase and enrich our ministries! As one of the campaign leaders said, “we are called to serve God out of thankfulness for his grace and to share all that we have received….through service to each other and the community.” Let us continue to serve Him.
Shirley S., Co-chair Communications

May 2013

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The Building Our Legacy campaign is in full swing now and incredible things are happening. People are praying daily for God’s direction and guidance. Children and youth are busy making aprons to wear and to sell. The April 13 all-church event, “Facets,” was a huge success (see photos page 4). And weekly, we have been hearing inspiring testimonies of faith from different church members. God is really working in our lives!
A huge thank you to all who are working so hard on this campaign! Each job has been vital to the success of this campaign and is greatly appreciated! 
Be sure to come to church on May 5, Legacy Sunday, when we’ll learn about the results of our efforts.
Shirley S., Co-chair Communications

April 2013

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Pray Without Ceasing

It’s exciting to be part of these nine weeks of Daily Prayer through the first week in May, as part of the Building Our Legacy process! We are inviting people to pray daily; to listen to God and seek God’s will for us. In light of this great “concert of prayers,” I asked Cheryl Cox to say a word about ongoing prayer. What has been your experience? Let’s learn from one another.
Betsy S., Building Our Legacy Prayer Team Chair
"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all things."        1 Thessalonians 5:15
My "prayer pledge card" for these nine weeks has all three time periods circled because I will be in constant prayer, as I always am. All my thoughts and my heart's desires are known to God, just as all my fears and doubts are known to Him without having to form the words in my head, much less on paper. In other words, everything I think and feel matters, as well as everything I say and do.
We have but to ask and He will answer. He will accomplish through us what He has planned for us. So with a joyful heart, I will ceaselessly ask for guidance and the means to accomplish His plans for us and give thanks for His loving ways.
Cheryl C.

April 2013

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Building Our Legacy

For several years now we have been thinking about expanding! Now we’re talking about expanding in more than one way. We can put our efforts in to increasing our membership. We can increase our ministries and programs. We can increase our outreach to the community. There are many areas in which we can expand. And, all these areas are of vital importance to help us spread the love of God to all people. But, there is one obstacle to our unlimited growth! We have only so much space in our beautiful building and that space is being utilized constantly.   We need more room!
Five years ago the building committee was formed to address the space needs of our church. We listened to the various groups and committees and finally came up with a plan for a fellowship hall that will enable us to serve not only our own ministries, but to reach out to the community as well. We have wonderful things going on in our church and we need to be able to share God’s love with not only those who walk through our doors, but those in the community at large. We have a legacy to pass on! Our capital campaign gives us the means to pass this legacy on. We hope that you will prayerfully consider being a part of this campaign. Please remember that your gift may be many things; your time, your talents, your support, and your money. No gift is too small and all are greatly appreciated.
On Sunday, April 7, we will be announcing our plans for the Building Our Legacy campaign during worship. You will learn more about what we are doing and about our goals. The following Saturday, April 13, will be an all-church celebration with dinner and entertainment for all!  This is one event that you will not want to miss. Everyone is invited!
Shirley S., Communications Team

March 2013

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When I was a little girl I thought that church was only “open” on Sundays, understandably because my Sunday school class was on Sunday morning. My horizons expanded when I attended children’s choir on Saturday mornings but thought that church was opened just for us.   As a young teen I realized that church was also open on Wednesday evenings when I attended confirmation class.
It was not until I was an adult that I realized that church is “open” all the time and FUMC particularly has a very busy schedule throughout the week. Just check out the calendar to see all the activities that take place at our church. We are filled to the brim all during the week.
Is everyone who uses our space a church member? Or even a regular attendee? No, but everyone is touched by the love of Jesus. We have so many opportunities to serve our community and requests keep coming in. As community members become familiar with our campus, and with us, they experience God’s love. As we have had those wonderful experiences, we naturally want others to experience the same. And people return to learn more, to have their spiritual thirst quenched.
We are running out of space to serve these ever increasing needs. The capital campaign will allow us to continue to plan to build a Fellowship Hall that will not only help all of our church ministries but will help us reach out to the community.
You may be asked in the next few months to serve on a short task that will help us realize this dream.   Please prayerfully consider helping with some part of the capital campaign. If you would like to know about the committees, they are listed on our website under “New Building Project” on the left hand side and I am always available to answer questions. You will also see more of Susan Peters, our consultant, who is also available for questions and information.
An important date to add to your calendar is Saturday evening, April 13 for an all-church celebration. There will be dinner, entertainment, and information. Not only is childcare available but also children’s activities. All are invited.
Jeanne P., Chair of Capital Campaign

February 2013

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Building Committee and Capital Campaign
The idea for a new building was envisioned when FUMC developed a long-range plan in 2006. A needs assessment and then the convening of a building committee followed this. An architectural concept design was developed in 2009. Susan Peters, a consultant from the California Nevada United Methodist Foundation conducted a feasibility study in 2010. The concept plan was formally adopted in June of 2011, reworked into a more simple and cost-effective design in 2012, and widely embraced on “Here I Am” Sunday last November. 
We are at the point of celebrating our missions and considering fundraising that is accomplished via a capital campaign.   A capital campaign committee of 10 team leaders is chaired by Jeanne Pfeifer and supported by Susan Peters.
On Sunday January 13, we presented the building proposal in puzzle pieces with descriptions of how the various parts of the building support our missions. You can see the puzzle pieces on the entrance bulletin board (end of January and beginning of February.) The capital campaign will wrap up on Sunday, May 5, 2013. The capital campaign is about transformation more than just the fundraising.
We ask that all church members prayerfully consider supporting the capital campaign through time, talents or financial contributions. We hope that everyone will participate in the various activities in March, April, and May.
Submitted by Fred A. and Jeanne P.