Foothills United Methodist Church
Friday, April 19, 2019
Growing in grace.... Serving with love.

Adult Small Group Studies

Adult studies are offered year-round on Sunday mornings.  These classes cover a broad selection of topics, often cross-referencing different faiths and religions from around the world.  The classes sometimes use CD’s and DVD’s to bring in viewpoints and information from others outside our community.  
Come join us at 10:45 AM each Sunday for fellowship and discussion.
Childcare is provided, if requested. Contact Katie.

Spiritual Disciplines

Begins February 24, Room #4

We will be using "Spiritual Disciplines Handbook" by Adele Ahlberg Calhoon. The plan is to focus on a different section each week, but that may change based on preferences. There will be YouTube or TED talk videos for appropriate subjects. 

Being a Christian Disciple in the 21st Century

“First Light - Jesus and the Kingdom of God,” from the “Living the Questions” program


Begins January 6 for 12 weeks, Room #5

On January 6, a small group study at FUMC will begin a new series called “First Light - Jesus and the Kingdom of God,” one of many from the “Living the Questions” program, began by two Methodist ministers in Phoenix, Arizona. Utilizing input from some of our generation's most provocative and thoughtful theological voices, “Living the Questions” is their effort to help people wrestle with the questions they hear asked in their congregations – questions for which there are no easy answers, but which stimulate exciting possibilities for practicing the Christian faith in the 21st century.

“First Light” is a 12-session DVD study of the historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God with two of the world’s leading Jesus scholars on location throughout the Galilee and Jerusalem. Here’s a testimonial from Mary Sue Evers, Pastor, Cedar Hills United Church of Christ: “If you're looking for a resource to help people get beyond the idea that the Kingdom of God is about heavenly reward, to help people understand the Biblical and historical underpinnings of the Kingdom of God as Jesus lived and taught it, and to help people articulate the understanding that the Kingdom of God is a present reality distinct from and often opposed to other kingdoms of our world, then take a good look at the latest “Living the Questions” DVD "First Light - Jesus and the Kingdom of God," featuring Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan.”

If this series is anything like past “Living the Questions” series we have studied, this small group study promises to be exciting and thought-provoking.

Join anytime.  It will be held in Room #5 at 10:45 AM following the 9:30 AM Sunday service.

For more details please contact Ron S.